The music that we inherited from the past five centuries are rich in meaning and form. Yet every now and then, a new song emerges among the thousands that are composed that make us stop, listen and wonder ! The future is yet unwritten and a new song that ermerges can be wondrous and can change the lives of millions ! Do you have this need to express yourself musically but do not know how to ? Do you have this song inside you that is bursting to get out and tell the world how you feel ? This is the course to help you do that.

There is a structure to music. There is a proper form. Music is well organized. It is mathematically correct. A well-written song fits nicely into the scheme of things. A badly-written song does not need anyone to say it annoys, it just does. If you want help composing, you can get it here. Prior knowledge in theory is helpful but not mandatory.

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