The electronic keyboard is one of the only instruments that can make you sound like a professional from day one ! You can be a Jazz pianist and let the keyboard accompany you with its automated bass and drums, or you can be a concert pianist and let the in-built orchestra support your concerto ! When you're in the mood, you can be a marimba player and enjoy its south-pacific programming or when you're feeling spiritual, you can be a pipe-organist playing Handel's Messiah !

Yes, the keyboard is truly that versatile and we can help you get the most out of it. The many friendly features of the keyboard make it an easy instrument to pick up and we have wide range of modern music for you to choose from. This course is open to students of all ages. If you wish to have certification for the keyboard, we can prepare you for exams. This is an individual class lasting 30-45 mins per lesson and held once a week.

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