Public Performance

A well played piece can be very favorably received by an audience who somehow feel "connected" to the performance and the performer.

Many of us may recall hearing two pianists play the same piece but somehow, one sounds better than the other. Just what makes one pianist sound better ? The difference between performers is due to many factors. These factors can be controlled to a large extent so there is much that you can do to deliver an unforgettable performance of even the simplest piece. Here, we will cover the interpretation of the piece, its dynamics, and the playing techniques that will bring out the whole piece effectively.

The course is suitable for candidates preparing for formal performances like Direct School Admission recitals. It is also suitable for exam candidates who have mastered their pieces mechanically but need the finishing touches of expression, dynamics, and showmanship. It will also help performers engaged in less formal settings by establishing audience connection and building confidence.

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