Singing with Accompaniment

A wise person once said "The best instrument in the world is the human voice."

Those of us who love to sing sometimes wish that we could have accompanying music to make the experience more complete. That is why karaoke machines have become so popular. But when a machine or a human accompanist is not available, the best option is to rely on your own playing. This course teaches you to do that with a piano. Some of the best vocalists also play the piano because that is where their compositions start : within themselves and by themselves with the piano in their hands.

This course is just like an individual piano class except that you will learn to play the piano in a way that accompanies your singing. It is a different playing technique and it requires a different set of skills that you will acquire in this course. If you wish to sing and play in public, this is the right course for you. If you frequently accompany singers, this is also the right course for you.

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