Opening Up Again After Covid-19



The circuit breaker resulted in us closing since the end of March 2020.  It came as a shock and we were wondering what to do !  Online learning of music ?   We had so little experience with that.   Fortunately, two of our teachers did this before.  Both had experience internationally and was already comfortable with the practice.  They shared their experience with the team, online,  and soon, many of us wanted to try it out.  Musicians face challenges in their music everyday and this was one that we weren’t going to lose to.  This was just like another new piece of music… only different.


We spent the whole of April 2020 preparing, practicing, learning how to use Zoom with multiple devices and new teaching methods.   It was so different doing it online.  Still, we had to do something.  Had to !  Teachers were losing income,  students were restless,  parents were cracking their head how to keep the kids occupied.  There was no doubt in all our minds.  This new form of learning had to happen.  And so we did it.  In our profession we have witnessed many miracles.  Students who could not play would end up playing as though music was ALWAYS their life and passion.  Now we witnessed another miracle.  Online learning was actually producing results !  Teachers became more resourceful,  students showed a new level of initiative,  it was sight to behold !



Now we are open again, Friday 19 June 2020.  A memorable day indeed.  School all disinfected,  everyone equipped with masks,  everyone keeping a distance from everyone,  we begin again.  Let’s hope things get better.


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