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“What’s that ? Let me try…. hey I can do it!” Curiosity is a powerful thing that can move young minds to achieve great things. Engage them when they are growing and the rewards it brings are immeasurable! Here, we can reward their curiosity with good experiences and new skills. This will form a foundation of life-long self motivated learning for them.

“Been there. Did that. No problem! Bring on more!” Confidence is the foundation on which all achievement is built on. We know how valuable this is to every child’s future.  Here, we show children, that what seems difficult at first, is actually doable and even enjoyable. The confidence they experience stays with them and affects their lives forever. 


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The most numerous instrument in an orchestra and one of the most portable because of it’s size, the violin will continue to be one of the most popular instruments to study.

The brilliance of Classical piano music found its match when Pop and Jazz were born. The old parents had worthy children at last to carry the Badge of Honor. Let us show you why and how.

The Classics ! Even today our smartest struggle to understand why it changes the structure of our thinking. What did those ancient Masters know that we don’t ? The only way to know, is to experience. To play is to participate in that experience in the most intimate way. To sync with the Masters across Time.


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