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Prelude Music Studio was set up in 2004 by international award-winner Rosy Chua. Since then, thousands of students have nurtured a love for music through our unique approach to music education, emphasizing creativity, versatility and an enjoyment of music-making. We emphasize an all-rounded music education and improvisation and our students are versatile in performing pieces and songs from all genres and styles (eg. classical, anime, k-pop, musicals). We keep abreast with the latest music and have developed our own library of popular music to suit every student’s tastes and our in-house arrangers can create arrangements of any song for any level of student.

Our students have achieved distinctions in the ABRSM, LCM and Trinity exams, succeeded in Direct Schools Admission Exercise, and have won competitions such as the American Protégé Music Competition. They have performed in venues locally and internationally such as the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York, Hong Kong Arts Centre and in Singapore’s very own Esplanade Recital Studio.  Sign up for a free trial here to find out more about our lessons.


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We are situated in a convenient location for you to do online exam recordings, take online theory exams or just to practice.  Our friendly staff are available to assist.

The Classics ! Even today our smartest struggle to understand why it changes the structure of our thinking. What did those ancient Masters know that we don’t ? The only way to know, is to experience. To play is to participate in that experience in the most intimate way. To sync with the Masters across Time.

Creation is the act to making something that was not there before. When a piece of music is created, it has the potential to connect us to the rest of mankind. To tell the World how you feel. To tell them your story in song.

The brilliance of Classical piano music found its match when Pop and Jazz were born. The old parents had worthy children at last to carry the Badge of Honor. Let us show you why and how.


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