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Pop & Jazz Piano

Fees for Beginners
            $240 for 4 lessons
Lesson duration : 45 mins
GST not included

This is an individual class lasting 30-45 mins per lesson and held once a week.

This course is open to all ages. It focuses more on playing rather than the other traditional subjects of aural, scales, theoryand sight-reading.  The objective is to give you an outlet for your creativity and a chance to play your favorite modern pieces.  There is no set syllabus nor is there any time pressure to reach a certain level of proficiency by a certain time.Like many of our students, you will find the popular pieces a refreshing change and highly motivating as the end result is enjoyment. Even adult students are very successful in this course as they tend to be able to play complete pieces quickly with the right guidance and teaching method.

Jazz has recently become more popular and is increasingly gaining acceptance by large audiences all over the world. This is because elements of Jazz have been finding their way into popular and contemporary music since the 1990’s.  This course is open to all ages and focuses on playing.  It is an individual class lasting 30-45 mins per lesson and held once a week.  The pieces and repertoire will be mainly Jazz or Jazz Fusion. As this genre of music demands a reasonable level of technical ability and contains some theoretical elements, it is not for beginners and requires a student to have some musical background.


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The Classics ! Even today our smartest struggle to understand why it changes the structure of our thinking. What did those ancient Masters know that we don’t ? The only way to know, is to experience. To play is to participate in that experience in the most intimate way. To sync with the Masters across Time.

To understand what is written. That is the main goal here. Theory also enables us to write our stories in music else it will fade in the passing of time and what fades forever will not longer be a part of us.

The most numerous instrument in an orchestra and one of the most portable because of it’s size, the violin will continue to be one of the most popular instruments to study.

We are situated in a convenient location for you to do online exam recordings, take online theory exams or just to practice.  Our friendly staff are available to assist.

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