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Whether it was a happy time, a challenging time, a funny time, a nervous time, or a simply a memorable time, we have had many. We record them in this blog before time makes us forget those precious moments. We keep them here to remind us of the past and that it is real.



Buzzing with Activity Again ?

The school is active again but not super busy like before Covid-19.   Everyone is observing social distancing and dutifully having their temperatures taken.  We are getting used to wearing masks.   Students play the piano with masks on,  teachers keep their distance,  parents drop off their

Opening Up Again After Covid-19

The circuit breaker resulted in us closing since the end of March 2020.  It came as a shock and we were wondering what to do !  Online learning of music ?   We had so little experience with that.   Fortunately, two of our teachers did this

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